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A crewed charter is an ideal option for freedom of sailing with luxurious service provided by the crew. It means a full package vacation with full board.

Enjoy your vacation while the captain and crew take you to some of the most beautiful cruising areas; whether you choose a tranquil bay, crowded marinas or island hopping.

The hostess will take care of food provisioning and preparing meals. However, you can go to some local restaurants and taste various specialties of the area.

You can choose among different boat types; fully crewed motor yachts, sailing yachts and motor sailers.

Fully crewed charter usually implies a yacht of a larger length in order to provide more space for both passengers and the crew. Members of the crew have their own private area, cabins completely separated, thus providing more privacy for all. However, the crew is always at your disposal, whenever necessary.

The captain takes full responsibility for navigation and safety on board. He must have an extensive knowledge and experience in navigation, regulations, use of the instruments and charts and must be familiar with cruising grounds. A sailor (deckhand) is another crew member of a great help to the captain. He, as well, must have experience in sailing and a qualified certificate. Besides helping the captain, the sailor attributes to safety and security on board. The hostess is responsible for meals and she will make your journey tastier with a variety of culinary delights. You can always make arrangements regarding the meals and ask for a menu according to your preferences. The menu can be tailored to your needs.

Fully crewed charter is usually applied to a luxury charter due to the impeccable crew service and because all the yachts are lavishly equipped with entertainment media, recreational and water sports equipment. As to the prices, crewed charter includes different items depending on the type and size of the yacht and the cruising area. Motor yacht expenses are generally greater than those for sailing yachts.

This is the finest example of spending your vacation where no sailing experience is necessary.


When to go?

Late spring (May, June), late summer and early autumn (September) would be the best times to visit Spain. These are the periods of good weather conditions, when you can avoid the most crowded places and extreme heat.

How to rent a boat

If you are among the non-experienced sailors, then you will need as many information as possible to make your vacation planning easier and simpler. However, the easiest way to organize you sailing vacation would be to find a reliable charter company.

Water sports activities

A vacation on board in Spain is an ideal way to experience its limpid waters. Various amenities on board will make your sailing journey easier and unforgettable one.

Catamaran charter

Catamaran charter is appreciated by everyone and the demand for catamarans has extremely increased over the past few years. It has become a popular pleasure craft.

Marinas in Spain

Spain is an ideal retreat all year round for all water sport enthusiasts. The warm Mediterranean Sea attracts many visitors from all over the world.