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Spain is a wonderful country with many different attractions; historical sites, beautiful nature, culture, beaches, sports, cuisine etc. The number of visitors is growing each year, because Spain has become more popular as one the most interesting tourist destinations of the world. The tourist industry keeps on growing, thus causing the demand for yacht charter offer to rise.

Although there has been a significant growth in different forms of tourism such as rural, ecological, urban, cultural tourism, the best potential has been shown through summer and nautical tourism in Spain due to its extremely attractive coastline with stretches of splendid beaches and holiday resorts.

An excellent geographical position, ideal climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, Mediterranean cuisine and many other attractions have made Spain one of the most popular world destinations.

Over one hundred marinas and ports are placed along the coast of Spain. Its coastline abounds in beautiful beaches; 450 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag.

There has been a considerable development of yachting facilities on the Mediterranean coast and islands. New marinas were built all along the coast, so allowing short sail away from one port to another.

Comprehensive repair facilities are available only in the most important yachting centers. In small ports and marinas, the availability of spare parts is limited, though quite all the ports provide at least minor repairs for yachts.

Sailing is, therefore, the best way to explore this beautiful country, especially when combined with historical tours and other activities. While on board, you will encounter a variety of areas and landscapes; each interesting in its own way and each provides an unforgettable experience for tourists.

The Spanish coastline is really unique. So let us make a short overview of beautiful coasts of Spain:

Balearic Islands:

Canary Islands:


Bases in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with so many options and possibilities for your vacation. You will certainly enjoy its wonderful scenery, interesting towns, find many splendid coves and beaches, both crowded and the most remote ones to enjoy your tranquil vacation.

Nautical tourism in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Madrid and Barcelona are the top destinations among visitors.

Charter routes in Spain

You can choose among numerous charter routes lasting from 7 to 14 days, covering various popular ports and bases.

Spanish coastline

Tourists are attracted by its mild climate, wonderful scenery, charm, monuments and intense marine activities.

Spanish islands

The Balearic Islands are located in the western Mediterranean. The islands are divided into two main groups; Gimnesias (Gymnesian Islands) and Pitiusas (Pine Islands).