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If you are among the non-experienced sailors, then you will need as many information as possible to make your vacation planning easier and simpler. However, the easiest way to organize you sailing vacation would be to find a reliable charter company that will take care of all possible details and lead you through the procedure. Your charter company will need some information regarding your request for a boat; number of passengers, sailing area, period, boat type, etc. In case you are not quite familiar with boat types, let your charter company suggest some according to your preferences and your budget of course. Your company will provide a skipper on board who will take responsibility for navigation and safety of passengers and the boat. You need to confirm the booking then. The boat will be reserved for you, the contract needs to be signed and the payment procedure needs to be done. Read carefully all the articles of the contract, and should there be any doubt or question, just contact your company to get more details.

If, on the other hand, you are a non-experienced sailor, nevertheless you would like to participate in your vacation planning, try and learn at least some boat types that could be of your interest. This way you can ask for a specific boat type and see whether it will be available during the requested period. Besides, you can figure out rough expenses of your sailing vacation immediately, for you will find all the prices on your charter company web site. The charter company will do a great deal of organization, though you will be pleased to be at least partly engaged in your vacation planning.

Your skipper will take you to some of the most beautiful sailing areas. He will give you some advice on cruising spots and local curiosities. In case you are familiar with an area, you can make your own itinerary, though your skipper has every right to change your route if necessary, for reasons of safety.

Finally, the experienced ones can simply fill out the booking form, giving as many details as possible in order to get the best offer from a charter company. If you are an experienced sailor with a required certificate, you can choose a bareboat charter then. It means you can charter a boat without a professional skipper. In that case, you need to possess a certificate of competence in navigation, for you will take full responsibility for safety of your passengers and the boat. As to the payment procedure, it’s the same as for the first option.

After signing the contract, you need to deposit the initial payment, and the balance payment needs to be settled down at least a month prior to your charter period.


When to go?

Late spring (May, June), late summer and early autumn (September) would be the best times to visit Spain. These are the periods of good weather conditions, when you can avoid the most crowded places and extreme heat.

Water sports activities

A vacation on board in Spain is an ideal way to experience its limpid waters. Various amenities on board will make your sailing journey easier and unforgettable one.

Fully crewed charter

A crewed charter is an ideal option for freedom of sailing with luxurious service provided by the crew. It means a full package vacation with full board.

Catamaran charter

Catamaran charter is appreciated by everyone and the demand for catamarans has extremely increased over the past few years. It has become a popular pleasure craft.

Marinas in Spain

Spain is an ideal retreat all year round for all water sport enthusiasts. The warm Mediterranean Sea attracts many visitors from all over the world.