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Barcelona is well known for its stews made of rice, vegetables, potatoes and noodles, not only that. One can taste their typical regional sausage, then beef, bread, eggs and white beans.

Zarzuela is their fish specialty, made of cuttlefish, mussels and prawn. Some add a lobster too. For dessert they usually serve Crema Catalana or some other dessert with pine-kernels and raisins. The region of Catalonia is famous for its red and white wines (Alella, Priorat and Tarragona, Pened├ęs) and its sparkling wine Cava.

The cuisine of Pamplona is rich in variety and has gained an excellent reputation. Their dishes vary from tasty sauces, salmon, trout with cured ham, beans to the famous dishes of lamb and goat, vegetables then, fish prepared in a garlic sauce with paprika, naturally combined with the wines.

Madrid is a real combination of all sorts of dishes, since it has taken various recipes from all the regions. We must not forget their delicious asparagus and a soup of garlic, not to mention lamb and veal. In spite of its location, Madrid is the culinary center of fish of extraordinary quality. All the dishes are well combined with aromatic wines, or one can just try an anisette schnapps.

Seville's cuisine is distinguished by its simplicity and taste. Gazpacho is their famous meal made of vegetables; tomato, cucumber, paprika, garlic, olive oil, and bread, then fried fish, fried egg in a tomato sauce or with mayonnaise, a ragout of bull's tail, snails in a tasty sauce...Manzanilla and Montilla match perfectly with all those dishes.

Valencia is characterized by large quantities of rice produced in this area and it is part of many dishes here as well as of Paella Valenciana,their most famous one which consists of chicken and snails. Paella Marinera consists of rice with saffron, sea food and vegetables, some add chicken as well. Among the refreshments, we must mention Horchata, made of milk of a plant similar to rice and it is served cold.

Malaga, on the other hand, can be distinguished by light, Mediterraneam cuisine; shrimps, fried fish, fish put in marinade first, cold soup of almond cream, garlic and olive oil. They usually serve sweets made of almonds and honey.

Balearic cuisine boasts with more than 600 recipes, among wich the most popular would be mayonnaise. Then spicy sausage, lamb, eggs...

Mallorca cuisine is typical for its clear soups with fish or meat and vegetable sauce. We must also mention Tumbet made of potatoes and egg plants with tomato sauce and peppers, then turkey in almond sauce, pigeon in chestnut sauce...

Ibiza has extraordinary fish recipes, tarlets with meat and vegetables. Their speciality is a herb flavoured liqueur.

Canary Islands combine Spanish recipes with african and latin-american influences, using a lot of fish, fruits and vegetables. Among their speciality, the most famous is Papas Arrugadas made of boiled potatoes and served with sauce of oil, garlic, chili peppers and paprika. Exotic fruits are served for dessert.


General Information

Spain is a constitutional monarchy and a region of unique culture which attracts many tourist with its exceptional beauty and outstanding architectural heritage, museums, cathedrals, etc.

Climate in Spain

Continental, Maritime and Mediterranean climate are the three types of climate in this area

Spanish History

Due to its great location, Spain has always been a target for different civilizations. The Iberian population probably arrived from the north of Africa.

Culture and Events

Spain has an extraordinary cultural heritage. It is the fusion of different influences throughout the history; mostly Iberian, Latin, Roman Catholicism and Moorish Islam.