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Due to its great location, Spain has always been a target for different civilizations. The Iberian population probably arrived from the north of Africa. They founded a kingdom of high culture in the valley of Guadalquivir river. The Romans left traces in laws, language and customs. Soon after, it experienced the invasions of Visigoths and Muslims; the latter one lasted for almost 800 years. However, this brought progress in science, arts and agriculture, as well as building of palaces, schools, public baths...

That period was followed by the reconquest of Spain by the Christians which led to the golden age when they established the empire in the New World. At that point, Spain was one of the most powerful nations in the world.

1898 marked the end of the Spanish Empire, but not the end of their troubles.

1936 the country was split in two parts; the Republican government on one side and the opposition Nationalists on the other side. The assassination of their opposition leader let to the Civil War. The Nationalists won, and that was the beginning of their economic decay. It was the period of of Franco's dictatorship.

In the early 50s, the country began its recovery. Juan Carlos, the successor of Franco, helped the transition to the democracy. However, they are now facing the problem of the separatist militant group ETA, which is trying to secure an independent Basque homeland.


General Information

Spain is a constitutional monarchy and a region of unique culture which attracts many tourist with its exceptional beauty and outstanding architectural heritage, museums, cathedrals, etc.

Climate in Spain

Continental, Maritime and Mediterranean climate are the three types of climate in this area

Spanish gastronomy

The Spanish cuisine is rich in variety and has gained an excellent reputation. Their dishes vary from tasty sauces, fish and vegetables naturally combined with the wines.

Culture and Events

Spain has an extraordinary cultural heritage. It is the fusion of different influences throughout the history; mostly Iberian, Latin, Roman Catholicism and Moorish Islam.